Wondering who a reverse mentor is?

Lovely afternoon spent with my reverse mentor Lizz Ntonjira . This lovely young lady has achieved a lot in her life and career. She featured me in her book, YouthCan, and shared her journey of writing her book in a years time. I was truly inspired by it.

Guess what, a year later, I now have my book. It was an honor giving her my book which you inspired me into writing. The power of impartation- those in your circle ⭕️ matter. Watch this space, this lady is going places. Truly proud of you and your great achievements. Always a delight catching up with you.????????????????????

Wondering who a reverse mentor is? In reverse mentoring, a younger team member enters into a “professional friendship” with someone more senior, and they exchange skills, knowledge and understanding. … For example, a younger team member can pass new skills and ideas up the corporate ladder, and someone older can become a role model or a career coach.


Pauline Kiraithe
Pauline Kiraithe

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