Tribute To A Mentor

Today I want to give a tribute to the man who has mentored me in my professional career. Mr. Abdillahi Mutwafy. It was a coincidence meeting in an interview panel when I was a complete rookie, 21 years ago.

As mentorship infers, the mentee must want to emulate the Mentor. He recruited me into then startup Kencell communications Ltd ( now Airtel), employee no. 57, when he was a PWC consultant.

He was and still is a professional per excellence. He patiently guided me on what to do to grow myself. All he asked for was obedience in implementing the learnings.
Other than being a mentor he has been a sponsor – one who has opened professional doors for me, my mentees and the numerous downliners????

The relationship now continues, but more as professional colleagues and family friends. He wrote my book foreword too- who best knows my career journey than him.

I thank God for great destiny helpers along my career journey. My advice to those seeking to grow their careers, get a mentor, it smoothens your career journey. And just like me, approach the person you admire and ask, worst they could say is no. And if that’s the case, you keep looking…..

I now tell him, through what he did for me, those principles of paying it forward, lifting others as you climb has born him many – mentee children, mentee grandchildren and now a whole organization Talentgurus 254 founded on the same principles – mentorship, coaching, role modeling, sponsorship are a must in everybody’s career. #coaching #career #leadershipdevelopment #sponsor#payingitforward#owningyourcareer

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Pauline Kiraithe
Pauline Kiraithe

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