Ascend Self Leadership Program

Ascend Self Leadership Program

Ascend Self Leadership Program

This program has been designed to shift staff motivation, back to the hands of employees. It’s an old tradition in organizations, that the HR and management teams have the responsibility to motivate staff in the workplace. This is a huge and very tedious and expensive task. It is a fact that over 85% of the global workforce aren’t motivated in the jobs they are doing. This global statistic can be replicated locally where only 7% Kenyans are in the right careers. This is a national/global crisis where majority of our workforce work for their paycheck and don’t enjoy nor love the jobs they are doing.

Job satisfaction, staff engagement are the key ingredients to staff productivity, creativity and retention. Creativity and innovation is slowly dying and thus the lull in business performance.

Over the years, after managing staff, a key realization that is sure to get staff engaged into businesses, to the level where the organization gets to benefit from employees discretionary effort is where organizations focus trainings on employees – their motivations, their dreams and objectives, while equipping them with tools to get there. Once this is done, the employee becomes self-motivated and knows why the work and resulting to increased staff performance.

Due to this thinking, the Ascend self-leadership program was designed to help employees better know themselves, come up with personal objectives that will motivate them to achieve in the work place. In the proves which the employee and company both benefit. This will wholly focus on the employees self-development this will include modules such as

·         Knowledge of self – career choice and fit,

·         personal branding

·         Growing and maneuvering ones career path,

·         leadership,

·         mentorship and role models selection

·         money matters

·         future life planning tools  amongst other key modules.

The Ascend program has 4 self-leadership development modules which will equip employees on a path of personal achievement, self-mastery and excellence.

This will be a total of 40 training hours, that can be done over 8 Saturdays, over a 2 month period.

Benefit to organizations will be the increased staff loyalty and higher productivity since employees will be better focused working towards personal career and life targets. This will result to a remarked drop in staff attrition within organizations.

Benefit to the employee will be a better knowledge of self, self-mastery, higher performance and general focus in life.

Key Program Format?

Program has 4 modules:

  • Self discovery and connecting to your career.
  • How to build a resilient career.
  • Your career as a brand.
  • Managing your career in the future.

Training time: 9.00 am – 1.00 pm.

Program Dates

Program Dates

  • Saturdays Via Zoom
  • 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th Sept. 2023
  • Time: 9.00 a.m – 1.00 p.m

Program Cost

Cost: KSH. 35,000.00/- +16% VAT

Paybill: 752567

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