Living Intentionally- Building Relationships And Networks

In the owning your career book, I talk about how to live intentionally. One key aspect of it is the people and relationships you nurture.

Last weekend, I spent a lovely retreat with these 9 ladies. We call ourselves the favored women. We pray together, we grow each other professionally and in all life’s facets. We have been meeting monthly, for the last 17 years.

We are as different as chalk and cheese, but we found our neutral ground. It’s been a great 17 years and we can truly attest God has favored us. We have all grown and carried each other through the different life seasons.

Who do you have around you? Do you know the 3:12:72 principle of forming meaningful relationships? Get your copy of Owning your Career and learn how to build meaningful relationships.

Dr. Beatrice Kariuki, Caroline Kuria, SARAH KAMINCHIA, Wangui Maranga-Okello, Kate Nkatha Ochieng’Pauline Lyomu, Rachel Ndungu
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Pauline Kiraithe
Pauline Kiraithe

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