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Culture Champions Forum : Influencing Positivity

July 7, 2022 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

The Culture Champions Forum: Influencing Positivity is a dynamic platform that celebrates the power of positive cultural transformation within organizations and communities. This forum brings together passionate individuals committed to fostering inclusive, supportive, and empowering environments. Through insightful discussions, collaborative initiatives, and real-life case studies, participants explore innovative strategies to create positive cultural shifts. By championing diversity, equity, and inclusion, attendees learn to dismantle barriers and promote a culture where every voice is valued and respected. The forum serves as a catalyst for change, empowering attendees to influence positivity not only within their workplaces but also in society at large. By sharing best practices and fostering a sense of unity, the Culture Champions Forum inspires a collective commitment to nurturing environments where everyone can thrive, fostering a brighter, more harmonious future for all.


July 7, 2022
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
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