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Reflection 7/25
A quarter century journaler
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As I started in my career journey, I came across the concept of ‘owning ones career.’ This is where you are responsible of steering your own career path and growth.

This isn’t anyone’s responsibility, but yours. It’s from then on, I set my dream career jobs and desired dates I was to achieve them.

I then committed to investing in my learning yearly. This was through programs and interventions. Some paid by my employer others I paid for myself for my own personal development. Other interventions were; reading books in my area of passion, attending short courses, seminars, retreats, traveling amongst others

I can now say that after two decades as I look back, the investment has been well worth it. I now have a well stocked library, great networks, and vast knowledge and skills.

Self development builds self belief, self confidence and in the end, one is able to take on any challenge that comes along their path. It’s a muscle that has to be built.

Don’t wait for your employer to do everything for you. Just do what needs to be done. Take charge of your career development.

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Pauline Kiraithe
Pauline Kiraithe

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