#YOUTHCAN book by Lizz Ntonjira

A collection of powerful, inspiring and challenging stories from youth breaking barriers across Africa. 50 Empowering Stories from across 22 Sub Sahara Africa countries told by 29 Women and 21 Men.

#YOUTHCAN is a book that will inspire, empower and challenge you to become the best version of yourself. 

The person featured being only 9 years old and the oldest 60, because Lizz Ntonjira believes in the power and resonance of passing the baton. 

The book is divided into 12 chapters capturing these candid conversations of ordinary youth doing extraordinary things from Angola, Burundi, Cape Verde, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Guinea Conakry, Gambia, Kenya, Liberia, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

For the majority of young people, growing up in Africa is a contact sport, only without the funding and technical support. For many of them, the journey to adulthood is like a slow run through a field of high grass. By the time they get there, they are bloody and bruised by a relentless lashing of the blades. And then in young adulthood, they come to a crossroads. They can either let their wounds turn into battle hardened- scars, or they can remain honest and open allowing their afflictions to become the impetus for change and further still, transformation.

This transformation is the golden thread that runs through this book. Each and every person featured has a victory story to tell, regardless of the circumstances at their birth, how they were raised or the hills they had to climb to get to their destination. The book also features industry experts who so graciously shared their stories, knowledge and wisdom because indeed, every young person who succeeds stands on the shoulders of giants.

Pauline Kiraithe – Founder (TalentGurus@254), Kenya has been featured in the book and did Chapter 5 on The Corporate Profile.