Mpesa Foundation Ignite Career Coaching Cohort 1 at Mpesa Foundation Academy

Mpesa Foundation Ignite Career Coaching Cohort 1 at Mpesa Foundation Academy

Talentgurus@254 was challenged to train and coach the Form 2 and 3 students on careers, as well as test them and coach them in selecting their top 3 careers.

Training for 289 students for Mpesa Foundation Academy began on 4th February and run until 18th March 2018.

Talentgurus@254 embarked on this project, through use of its 10 coaches and took the students through a rigorous 8 week process of self discovery, key strength/talents discovery and finally individual psychometric testing that would help them get their top 3 careers as well as assist them with their KNEC subject selection.

This is a task Talentgurus@254 embraced and delivered on. This report is an evaluation report of how the student found the training and if it met the set objectives.











Overall Course Learner Objectives

By the end of this training the students knew;

  • What it takes to pursue dreams and goals that they may have.
  • What careers exist and what it takes to pursue the different ones.
  • Their personal strengths and weakness, values and career aspirations/dreams.
  • Their personalities and how to use them to select careers their top 3 careers choices.
  • How to select subjects that will help them qualify for courses in their preferred careers.
  • What it takes to excel in any career.

Student Evaluation/Awards

The students were evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Emerging Leaders –Most outstanding student in the class, emerging leader.
  • Best Journaler–most consistent and in-depth/reflective journaler.
  • Best Participant –Most consistent and engaged student.
  • Best Improved –Shown most growth after this training –confidence levels, self expression.
  • Best Profile –Best crafted and most convincing profile.

Student Verbatim Comments

‘I have learnt how to chose my careers, my core values and my key take outs and my action points towards them’

‘Learnt that doing something early can be useful in future’

‘My today determines my future’

‘Choosing of careers became easy for me’

‘I got to learn more about careers and how to select subjects’

‘To be always myself and believe in myself and focus on my goals’

‘It made me know more about myself’

‘It helped me in goal setting’


  • It is clear from the students feedback the training program was a success as it met the set objectives.
  • The students now seemed clear of who they are, their key skills and talents, their values and their personality types.
  • The students are now clear on the top 3 careers to pursue and what they need to do now while in high school so as to get to their careers of choice.
  • The students now have renewed confidence and clarity on what it takes to be successful especially after their interaction with 10 successful industry experts. There were some experts who have defied all odds irrespective of the disadvantaged backgrounds to be the best they can be.
  • We commend Mpesa Foundation Academy management and board for taking this step to invest in these students at this early age. Targeted career selections will lead these student living successful and intentional lives. We hope such training’s and conversations will continue to ensure the students have continued focus on excellence

Industry Experts Session 18/3/2018

The students were attentive and some in deep reflection. Hearing personal testimonials of personal success motivated them to work hard.

Shown below are photos taken during the session.

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The Graduation Ceremony, 30th March 2018

After a rigorous 8 week program the students graduated with a certificate in Self discovery and Career Coaching. They gained a better understanding of who they are, their strengths and talents and their personalities. With this we got to know the top 3 careers they can pursue. The certificate will in future help the students have an edge over others when they join the job market.

Understanding self and pursuing aligned careers will guarantee future greater job success and satisfaction.

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