Lucy Kaburia

Head International Sales and Market Development at TATA


Lucy Kaburia (Mrs. Ominde)


  • Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Nairobi
  • MBA from Strathmore Business School.
  • Chartered Marketer, MSK member
  • Executive MBA module certificate from IESE Business School in Spain.


  • Over 17 years in sales & marketing both local and international
  • Currently, Head of International Sales and Market Development with Tata Chemicals Magadi
  • Begun career at the Nation Media Group as a mere freelance sales executive and rose through the ranks to exit NMG as Brand Manager in 2007 when I  joined Tata Chemicals Magadi, then Magadi Soda Company as a Marketing Development Manager.

Notable Achievements

  • Being the 1st brand manager for Nation FM & Nation TV
  • Launch of new brands in the marketing
  • First woman manager in Magadi, 1st International marketer in Magadi
  • 1st chairperson of Magadi Sacco
  • Motherhood is so inspiring

Top 3 Values you live by

  • Integrity & honesty is not negotiable
  • Passion for what I do.

What has enabled you to stay at the top

  • My work is my spokesman
  • Integrity that has led to trust. You are listened to keenly
  • Eagerness to learn
  • Prayer and more prayer, for me it has worked all the time.

Advice to your younger self

Life has no short cuts, hard work pays. Honesty and integrity definitely commands so much respect. People will do what you do; best influencer is your actions as a leader. Your character is more often a reflection of 90% of the people you surround yourselves with. Life is supposed to be enjoyed, have fun and influence society positively. Always stand for what is right, you will be rewarded. Every human being has the potential of achieving their dreams, the difference is in our minds and the worst prison we can be in, is in our minds. Prayer moves mountains, literally.