Ignite Programme

Ignite Programme

Ignite – Youth Leadership Program

The ignite program is finishing program that will give youth skill that are not provided in school but are necessary and required to excel in life. The program includes a well selected collection of necessary life skills required you to lead successful balanced lives. It equips the youth with a game plan for preparing for life ie intentionally and planned. It entails a collection of skills and experiences that are acquired through various short courses. The programs aims to be fully practical and well simulated to real life situations that will build confident graduates ready for the Kenyan Job Market.

Industry meets Classroom

The Case – Why have this program?

  • Large growing number of disoriented youth.
  • Lack of a mentorship culture.
  • A lot of wasted time before our youth become productive members of society.
  • Growing shortcut culture – get rich overnight schemes.
  • Negative influence of foreign media – Growing Socialites culture, MWKs.
  • Early sexual debut – average of 18 years for girls, 17 years for boys (Kenya Demographic and Health Survey 2014).
  • Sample size of 2540 youths on sexual debuts – 57.5% before 18 years, 21 % before 15 years.
  • Child bearing age in Kenya : ¼ women in Kenya give birth by age 18 and nearly ½ by 20 years (Kenya Demographic and Health Survey 2014).
  • High youth HIV Infection Rates./Early pregnancies.
  • Increasing Substance and Drug Abuse.
  • High number of people who are in the wrong careers mismatched careers, miserable lives.

Program Target Group

  • High school students from Form 2.
  • University students.
  • Fresh graduates on first jobs.
  • Any youth between 16 – 25 years.

Ignite Youth Leadership Programs

  • Ignite Quarterly program (school leavers program) – Jan, April, July, Oct sessions
  • Ignite Holiday Accelerated program – program will be done in 12 days (preferable for ongoing finalist students) – Nov, Dec
  • Youth Leadership Conference & Career Fair – annual youth leadership forum – August
  • Workplace visits – For Alumni students
  • Career Coaching – upon request
  • Youth Counselling – upon request

Features of the programme

  • Self Discovery
  • Self Mastery
  • Self Packaging
  • Understanding the business Environment
  • Getting your Personal Edge
  • Cutting your own path

Career Psychometric Testing - The Holland Code

  • The Holland Occupational Themes is a theory of personality that focuses on career and vocational choice.
  • It groups people on the basis of their suitability for six different categories of occupations i.e. Realistic ®, Investigative (I), Artistic (A), Social (S), Enterprising (E), Conventional ©
  • The theory was developed by John L. Holland over the course of his career, starting in the 1950s.
  • The Holland Code has come to dominate the field of career counseling and has been incorporated into most of the popular assessments used in the field.

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